Middle Schooler Sweeps the Market

Justin Bartus, eighth grader at David E. Owens Middle School, recognized by Board of Education for placing third in northern New Jersey region for his successful participation in the Stock Market Game.

Justin Bartus, an eighth grader at , was recently recognized at a Board of Education meeting for his successful participation in the Stock Market Game.

For ten week this spring, students in Mrs. Diana Daley's Business Plan class participated in the Stock Market Game, an on-line program offered by SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association). The Stock Market Game gives students the chance to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in an on-line portfolio. Although students feel as if they are playing a game, it is designed to teach them economic and financial concepts by having them actively engaged in the buying and selling of stocks. Students researched stocks using Yahoo finance and NYSE websites.

Justin's ability to interpret stock graphs, analysts opinions and market movers over the course of the game resulted in his portfolio's gain of $23,219 which pushed him into third place in the northern New Jersey region out of 519 teams. For those of you on the lookout for a good tip, Justin's portfolio included Family Dollar Store, Amazon and Priceline. 

Darlene May 30, 2012 at 02:22 PM
What a great teaching opportunity! Plus, it sounds like fun!
Erinn Alice June 07, 2012 at 01:13 AM
the mrs. daley teacher should get fired. she does not know how to teach. i personally do not think that 8th graders should be getting into stocks. its a game, not even real life, someone tell me the point if he cant even do it in real life
Carolyn Gonzalez February 04, 2013 at 01:04 PM
Erinn Alice, you sound like you were an 8th grader in that class who didn't get it and failed? If you're not in 8th grade, then maybe you should have paid closer attention in school because your grammar is horrible.


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