Fresh & Fancy Farms Gets Ok to Build on Preserved Land

Zoning board grants variances on greenhouses and barns; remands signage back to county for clarification.

After months of testimony before both the planning and zoning boards, Fresh & Fancy Farms has obtained approval to build on preserved land. 

The zoning board passed a resolution last week approving the to relocate an existing greenhouse, construct a new greenhouse and construct a new 36' x 60' barn with a greenhouse and 12 foot overhang.

Fresh & Fancy's Deed of Easement Conservation, a designation that preserves and protects land from development, means certain restrictions apply to what can be done to the property. 

The board determined that Low's request for variances for the relocation of an existing greenhouse and the construction of a new greenhouse and a barn with a greenhouse is consistent with the deed of easement.

Don Low, owner of Fresh & Fancy Farms, had gone back and forth between the planning and zoning boards and representatives of the Bergen County Farmland Preservation Department of Planning & Economic Development to obtain approvals on the variances. 

According to borough documents, the previous owners of the farm (Klinger family) sold their rights to develop the land to the county and the Borough of New Milford for $326,000.  

The board did not grant Low the variance for the 12 foot high, 6' x 6' double sided sign facing River Road because as board attorney Scott Sproviero argued, the language of the farm deed is "less than clear" when it comes to signs.

The deed specifies that no signs for advertising purposes are permitted; however, Fresh & Fancy Farms asserts that the sign is to "identify" their farm and not to "advertise."

Low is going back to the county to get a determination on signage. 

Denise July 23, 2012 at 04:08 PM
Shirley-What do you think farmers from way back when kept in their barns. Yes, tractors, tillers and all the other equipment they needed to farm THEIR farm......
Joe Petrolia July 24, 2012 at 02:56 PM
What I find amazing is that so many people can decide on so many things for other people. We really need to get back to minding our own business and dealing with our own problems instead of making them for others. Good luck to fresh and fancy farms I hope they do well and as always I hope the Perrone's do well businesses in town we hope to thrive and not compete. They own all that open property in new Milford let's be thankful they want to put a couple silos on it and not a shop right apartment building and a bank. SOD
Em July 24, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Well said Mr. Petrolia! SOD
Love My Cigar and Coffee July 28, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Has anyone ever asked Perrones how much they pay the town for the land in Berkley Woods that they house their mulch piles on? Just sayin


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