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Subrizi Urges Christie To Lower Reservoirs

With Sandy headed our way, Subrizi urges Christie to order the reservoirs be lowered in advance of the storm.

Mayor Ann Subrizi has sent a letter to Governor Chris Christie asking him to lower the reservoirs in advance of Hurricane Sandy, a nor'easter that the National Weather Service forecasts to hit Bergen County between Sunday and Tuesday.

"The full capacity of the United Water Oradell Reservoir is 23.16 ft.," Subrizi said. "It is currently at 18.07 ft."

Subrizi states that it is not only important that the reservoirs be lowered to make room for the rain, "but more importantly, to make room for the runoff that will surely occur on the following days."

Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irene, Christie agreed to order the lowering of the reservoirs to ease flooding, and Subrizi is hoping that he will do it once again.

"This could be the decision that makes the difference to many of my residents," Subrizi stated in her letter.


Stay tuned to Patch for continuing updates about the storm.

AML October 26, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Some smart thinking for a change of pace! Already plead my case to the Governor's reps in person!
Adam October 26, 2012 at 03:20 PM
Lowering the reservoirs works. I live by the Hackensack River and we got several feet of water in our basement during the April storm of 2007 (first time our basement had water in 50 years); even though Irene dumped more water last year, our basement only got about 1-2 inches of water, and the Hackensack River simply did not cover as much land area as in 2007. The difference? The reservoirs were partly drained in 2011, but not in 2007. Acting proactively by draining the reservoirs now, even if by a little bit, does make a difference!
Celeste Scavetta October 26, 2012 at 03:30 PM
Not quite sure who you are AML but a smile is a beautiful thing as is compassion and kindness. Bless all our neighbors, friends, acquaintances, adversaries. We all have belief systems embedded. Some are unyielding. But no one, not a single person, should be derogatory in times of potential town destruction. We must come together to lend a hand-turn the other cheek and do what we all can to help someone else who is less fortunate. I flooded last time, and still opened my heart, home and doors to those less fortunate. Did you only sit and complain? Trash talk on this medium has become quite unnecessary. How about everyone revealing their HUMAN side if heaven forbid we are all dealing with hell come Tuesday. How about all political signs stand up to a storm. Not one parties buried and smashed. How about all parties stand together at the mouth of the rushing water this time to help our neighbors. With a new moon-high tide-and two massive storms potentially crashing over us -do your absolute best to be HUMAN. Work together for ALL the people. Regardless of where you stand on Election Day. And if it's safe, be out there with your cameras to show the Judge who may be making the final decisions on our beloved town just what happens to beautiful New Milford when flood waters run through it. Imagine the impact THOUSANDS OF RECENT PHOTOGRAPHS CAN MAKE? As my friend Michelle says: LOVE NEW MILFORD. Please Love everyone in it too. Thank you Mayor Ann. Thank you all.
AML October 26, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Actually, it was a compliment by me saying "some smart thinking for a change of pace." It was not meant to be derogatory, & for you to have alluded that I do not have compassion, or, kindness in times of potential town destruction is simply not true. You are the one who has mis-read & are interpreting my 2 sentences incorrectly. You are the one who is portraying yourself as the almighty & superior person. Shame on you! Perhaps you should listen to your own advice & not lecture my comment because you failed to understand my point.
Celeste Scavetta October 26, 2012 at 04:11 PM
And therein lies a point. there is nothing almighty or superior about me. My comments were not only directed to you. But to all of US as a WHOLE town. My comment was not only to the not-so-well-hidden-dig above, but directed toward an overall year of negativity. If I hit a nerve, I hope it was the right one. Thank you and bless you AML -- whoever you are, I'm sure you are very compassionate and kind. Let's all show that better side of us as we face this new potential New Milford tradegy.
Ulises October 26, 2012 at 04:22 PM
Thank you Mayor Subrizi. Let's hope the Governor follows through. Be safe everyone and if you live in the low lying areas in town - don't stay behind.
AML October 26, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Thank you Celeste for your clarification about your comment. We oftentimes misread each other's true intentions, and likewise, oftentimes get carried away with our automatic defense/justification modes. If you still believe that my comment was the "not-so-well-hidden dig" as you stated, that is your opinion/intrepretation and you are entitled to it. I don't agree with you stating that our town has displayed an overall year of negativity. Differences of opinion & passion displayed by residents should not be interpreted as negativity. Everyone has a right to speak their mind within the confines of civility, even if sometimes harsh words are used. That should not always be interpreted as political, as you believe. FYI... I voted for Team Subrizi. I do agree with you that people will come together in times of need no matter what...that is what we should strive for not just because of this impending storm but because it is the right thing to do always. We can only hope that our town's preparation will be an exercise only and that the storm will somehow change course.
John DeSantis October 26, 2012 at 11:24 PM
Here we go again. Be safe be careful, look out for one another.
Nuts October 27, 2012 at 10:45 AM
Are you people nuts
Laura Cotter October 27, 2012 at 02:58 PM
I am concerned about this lowering of reservoirs. While it clearly seems it would help northern NJ residents, in some areas, where is all that water going? We are here in south NJ and Hurricane Irene and the creek nearby flooded us, first time in 18 years. We are senior citizens and can't do the necessary clean up. As far as I know, all tributaries and their water flow southward in NJ. So can anyone tell me, are we at risk from this lowering of northern reservoirs???????, plus a giant storm???
Dennis Huzey October 28, 2012 at 02:38 AM
Dear Ms.Cotter, I ABSOLUTELY understand your dilemma - since I have shared my share of the burden of such decisions over the years! Mayor Subrizi must live far above the level of the Hackensack River away form the lowlands of southern New Milford. As 53 year residents of New Milford we have been regualarly flooded by the reservoir being lowered combining with storms and were even evacuated by boat 7 years ago. Her request to lower the Oradell Reservoir must be based upon some loudly proclaiming, fearful residents living on high ground in the north of town, not upon our GUARANTEE OF FLOODING! SO MY QUESTION BECOMES -- WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ALL OF IN THIS PART OF TOWN? Will you send a boat (again) and feel that you have done "all you can" so long as there are seats for me, my family and Ms.Cotter and her family?" On the other hand - Mayor Subrizi, maybe it is time that we "re-distribute" the water and costs of the weather to others in the town (i.e., to those on high ground) rather than to those of us who consistently play the role of the "cost-ridden losers" in such storms (in this case, "Sandy"). I sincerely hope that Mayor Subrizi acts as the "redistributor" of the water and the financial burden this time. Please protect the traditional "sacrificial lambs" of such government decision making regularly caused by opening the flood gates of the Oradel reservoir. Storm Sandy should be our turn to be protected for a change - DO NOT LOWER THE ORADELL RESERVOIR!!!!.


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