Sanzari's Expansion on Hold After Board Suspends Approval

Anticipating potential litigation, the Zoning Board suspends variance approvals and moves to re-open the hearing to re-examine the restaurant's floor plan and seating.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment on Monday suspended its approval of a variance to expand Sanzari's New Bridge Inn, saying the restaurant "misrepresented" the number of seats in the restaurant. 

The site plan represents 130 seats when, in fact, there are 200 existing seats, according to Zoning Board Attorney Scott Sproviero.

Citing significant objections to this application by the residents of Teaneck, Sproviero said the board "wants a clear record so if there's a legal challenge, the record is clear."

The board had initially proposed adopting a resolution to rescind the approval, but agreed to suspend it and revisit the seating issue at a meeting next month, after objections from Sanzari's attorney, Carmine Alampi. 

"We don't want a re-hearing," Alampi said. "We want to re-open the hearing to discuss and reconcile the floor plan."

"A re-hearing would suggest that the case has to be re-heard from the beginning," Alampi said.

The board agreed to schedule a public hearing to discuss the floor plan next month. 

"The message is, 'Let's get it right,'" Sproviero said. "For our protection and for your client's protection."

The next hearing will be on Dec. 11 at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers of Borough Hall.


Ulises November 20, 2012 at 05:03 AM
Before Hurricane Sandy's surge, the property Sanzari seeks to developed as a parking lot was flooding... This proposal is another disaster. We need a re-hearing. Not enough support was given to our neighbors in Teaneck. Just another bad idea taken up by our dedicated Zoning Board members. SOD!
AML November 22, 2012 at 11:23 AM
Just wanted to clarify that the comment posted above is not representative of SOD'S membership; it is strictly a personal opinion as SOD has not taken any official position regarding this subject.


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