Planning Board Meeting Tops The Week Ahead

On the agenda is approval of the resolution for the 2012 Amendment to the Recreation and Open Space Plan Element of the Master Plan.


There will be a combined session of the Planning Board Tuesday, 7:30pm in the council chambers of Borough Hall. On the agenda is approval of the resolution for the 2012 Amendment to the Recreation and Open Space Plan Element of the Master Plan.

The borough retained Edward Snieckus of Burgis and Associates to prepare an amendment to the borough's 2004 comprehensive master plan in order to address inconsistencies between the Recreation and Open Space Inventory (ROSI) and the other planning documents in use by the borough, such as the Recreation and Open Space element that is part of the master plan that identifies undeveloped land used for recreation or conservation. 

In 2004, the borough adopted a comprehensive master plan that included a land use plan and an open space plan. This plan underwent a review in 2010, resulting in the adoption of a reexamination report.  

However, because there are lots not identified in the Recreation and Open Space element of the 2004 master plan and 2010 reexamination, an amendment must be adopted to correct the inconsistencies.  

Also included in the amendment are the flood properties that the town will purchase and return to open space through Blue Acres funds. These properties have not been publicly disclosed since the governing body is still in negotiations with willing homeowners. In the amendment, Snieckus included language that mentions any future flood prone properties that the borough may purchase and revert to open space. 

Denise August 27, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Looks like there won't be much left to the Boro Of New Milford, especially along the Hackensack River.If there are more properties in the future that NM may purchase & revert to open space, that will help to stop building new homes. If the Hekemian debacle goe's through, at least his apartment building will be the only new housing that might bring children into the already overcrowed school system. Oh, & not to mention the overworked NMFD & PD won't have to worry about rescuing people down on Harvard, Columbia, Prospect, Lenox etc & can concentrate on more pressing matters in the case of anymore floods...... SOD OUT.....


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