New Milford Recycling Going Out To Bid

Inconsistent curb-side pick up forces Mayor and Council to go out to bid for recycling services.

Responding to concerns about the lack of consistency with curbside recycling pick-ups by Ferretti Carting, Inc., New Milford's Mayor and Council decided to go out to bid for recycling services during the work session portion of Monday's public meeting.

The council was in agreement that there seems to be a weekly problem with consistent curbside pick-up on recycling day. Residents have complained that their recycling often gets picked up late at night on their scheduled day, or not at all. The town is in the third year of a five year contract with Ferretti Carting, but Mayor Subrizi informed the council that they are not obligated for years four and five and can go to bid if they choose.

According to borough officials, Danny Ferretti, principal owner of the company, said that paper recycling pick-up is delayed primarily because residents regularly include heavy cardboard with paper, which he has been picking up despite the fact that his contract with the town is for paper only and does not include heavy cardboard, which would be an additional cost.  

The council agreed to start instituting the fines included in the contract for missed pick-ups. They also agreed to include heavy cardboard in the contract when they go to bid for recycling services.

Update: Danny Ferretti appeared before the mayor and council at their December meeting to explain that delays are caused, in part, by the fact that he has been going outside the scope of his contract with the town by picking up cardboard and boxes. According to Ferretti, picking up cardboard and boxes is more time consuming because those items are typically loose at the curb and require more individual trips from the curb to the truck.

Jeffrey DelVecchio November 27, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Heavy cardboard means more revenue for the recycling company. It is no excuse for late pickups. The new contract should also include pickup of all plastics numbers 1-7 not just 1 and 2.
Cecil Williams December 02, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Beware -Who knew a few pizza boxes mixed in with some paper would completely shut down recycling in a town....Tisk Tisk on you home owners... With all of the cardboard generated from the holidays, I hope the mayor is ready to declare a state of recycling emergency and call out the national guard for help with the this....


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