Mayor and Council Meeting & United Water Development Top The Week Ahead

Public meeting of the mayor and council; special zoning board meeting dedicated entirely to Hekemian and the proposed development of the United Water property this week in New Milford.

There will be a work session followed by a public meeting of the mayor and council Monday evening.

Some items on the agenda for the work session are the next steps to take with the and appointment of a firehouse committee for the . The work session begins at 7pm in the upstairs conference room of . The public is invited to attend the work session. 

On the agenda for the open public meeting is the Bergen County Open Space Multi Park project, the final phase of the Babe Ruth and Kennedy Field rehabilitations, and adoption of the ordinance requiring a certificate of occupancy during a resale of a home to ensure that the property does not have . 

Also on the agenda is the introduction of an ordinance revising the Uniform Construction Code to provide for a review fee for applications. 

The open public session of the mayor and council begins at 7:45pm in the council chambers at Borough Hall. 


There will be a special meeting of the zoning board of adjustment on Thursday at 7pm in the council chambers of Borough Hall. 

This meeting is devoted entirely to the continuation of the proposed development of the United Water property. New Milford Redevelopment Associates, a company headed by Peter Hekemian, V.P. of Development for the S. Hekemian Group, is seeking . 

The application includes:

  • 70,500 sq ft supermarket 
  • 221 residential units with 428-spaced parking garage 
  • 88 one bedroom apartments; 117 two bedroom apartments; 16 three bedroom apartments
  • 4300 sq ft bank 

During the August 14 regular meeting of the zoning board, Elizabeth "Betsy" Dolan, a traffic engineer hired by Hekemian to analyze the traffic impact and trip generation of the proposed development of the United Water property, provided testimony on the she prepared for the proposed site.

Dolan was still being questioned by Antimo DelVecchio, attorney for the applicant, at the conclusion of the last meeting. It is uncertain at this time if Dolan will return on Thursday to conclude her testimony giving the public an opportunity to question her. 

Ulises August 20, 2012 at 03:39 PM
The Mayor and Council is poised to rezone this land, along the Hackensack River, to commercial, which is a compromise with the developers, as Council Berner mentioned to the Bergen Record. This same M&C is using federal tax payer money to purchase land adjacent and near our rivers and creeks because of last year's flooding and tonight they'll start to make things easier for development along the river. They talk from both sides of their mouths just like United Water does. United water states overdevelopment as the main reason for flooding and they're selling over 13 acreas to developers, what hypocrites. Now our elected officials are rezoning land for development along the river, as they spend federal tax payer's money to purchase homes due to flooding along the river... what hypocrites and liars they all are too. Let's not forget, those politicians that support this development and those that will rezone this property for commercial use on election day, I know won 't. Where there's a will there's always a way to do what's right - at this point, we could only hope for a politician to rise to the occasion and do the right thing.... SOD!
Tomasina Schwarz September 04, 2012 at 04:24 PM
The Mayor and Council are not acting in the best interests of the town residents. No matter what additional revenue this project will create, this revenue will have to be reinvested into the infrastructure that this project will need. This project will incur the need for more street sewers, new traffic signals and street construction, fire manpower, police manpower and DPW manpower (more people, means more garbage). The developer will not pay for any increase in the infrastructure needed to address over four hundred additional citizens who will be residing in this project plus the needs of the transient population. An increase in population will result in more crime, traffic accidents, quality of life and health concerns of noise and air pollution, in addition to more ambulance services. If the mayor and council think this will be additional tax revenue to use as they please-think again. This analysis does not even include the increase in the student population that these apartments will incur, resulting in the negative impact on the school infrastructure. Why is the mayor and council so afraid of the developer? Their citizens will back them up and do what is necessary to oppose the developer. Why can't they take a stand against over-development when they know they are using tax payer money to buy damaged land as a result of previous flooding? Are they afraid or are they on the take?


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