Proposed Bank for United Water Property Reviewed by Zoning Board

Take a look at a visual plan of the proposed bank.

The New Milford Zoning Board was given an up-close view Thursday of what a proposed bank would look like by the applicant's architect. 

The meeting was abbreviated and much of the time was spent on hearing Jerry Simon of Lessard Design, the architect of the would-be 24-unit housing complex and bank, explaining signage and parking lot layout of the bank. See photo above.

A concern that was raised by members of the public and echoed by members of the zoning board was that there was currently no bank committed to the property. The question of whether the developer would try to install a business other than a bank was raised. A joke about putting a White Castle in the bank's location received a roomful of chuckles. 

The applicant’s attorney, Andy DelVecchio, insisted his client had no current plans of installing anything other than a bank at the location. 

Another question raised was regarding whether the current proposal of a flat roof would cause aesthetic issues, as other banks in the neighborhood have gone with a peaked rooftop, or leave rooftop equipment exposed. 

Dr. David Kinsey, the applicant’s expert on affordable housing, was being cross-examined by local attorney Al Alonso when the meeting closed.

The Zoning Board will reconvene Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. for a reorganization meeting after which they will continue with the United Water development application. 


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