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Assemblyman Eustace Visits Berkely

Assemblyman Timothy Eustace visits Berkley's fifth graders and talks about government.

Assemblyman Timothy Eustace spent Thursday morning at Berkley Elementary School prepared to teach the students about government, but ended up learning some things himself.

Questions from the students focused on the environment and they were eager to hear about what Eustace was doing to preserve it. Eustace explained to the assembled students that he is very focused on reducing his own carbon footprint and has installed solar panels on his house and drives an electric car.

It was the electric car that caught the children's attention as Eustace started it up and showed them where the plug is installed.

Principal Patricia Aufiero said that she was extremely impressed with the questions that the fifth graders asked the assemblyman. 

"It was clear that they put thought behind the questions they were asking the Assemblyman," she said. "I was very proud."


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