Ashley Responds to Grant's Lawsuit Seeking to Invalidate Borough Attorney's Appointment

Ashley responds to Grant's lawsuit naming him as one of the defendants in her claim seeking to invalidate the appointment of Leibman as Borough Attorney.

Editor's note: In response to Councilwoman Hedy Grant's lawsuit naming him as a defendant in her claim petitioning the court to invalidate the appointment of Borough Attorney, Marc Leibman, of the law firm Kaufman, Semeraro, Bern, Deutsch & Leibman, Councilman Austin Ashley has issued the following statement:


We are in desperate need of leadership that isn't motivated by political bossism. That is why, this January I voted with the New Milford Republicans to appoint a Borough Attorney that is qualified to represent the borough on all fronts. That has not gone over well with the current Democratic political organization and frankly, I don't care.

Each council person is sworn into office on the Holy Bible and swears to uphold the constitution of this country, this state and the bylaws of the Borough of New Milford. This is a responsibility that I don't take lightly. And it is exactly what I have done and will continue to do. But there is more to this oath than the constitution and our bylaws. We have a responsibility to the people whom we represent.

This week, I (a Democrat) along with the mayor (a Republican) and the Borough of New Milford have been named in a politically motivated lawsuit by Councilwoman Hedy Grant. Our supposed violation was the appointment of a well qualified Attorney against the wishes of Councilwoman Hedy Grant (and her political boss) and their wishes to install the Mayor of River Edge's wife as Borough Attorney, who had not applied for the position. Instead of accepting the defeat of their political machine, she chose to file a lawsuit that will ultimately cost our borough tens of thousands of dollars.

Who is best served by this lawsuit? The people of New Milford? The ego of Councilwoman Hedy Grant? The interests of the current Democratic political organization? 

There are real issues in this town but because of Councilwoman Grant's actions they will be put on hold to settle a political score. These issues should be settled at the ballot box and not at the cost of the tax payers in the court room. Councilwoman Grant should focus on the needs of our community and not the wants of her political boss. We need to move forward for the people of New Milford. That's our job and should be our number one priority, not politics.

Councilman Austin Ashley


Ulises February 11, 2013 at 09:20 PM
I agree, I think John DeSantis would be a great member to the council.
newmilford1967 February 11, 2013 at 11:02 PM
Tax dollars being wasted for child like games boo hoo we didnt get our pick.Maybe the judge will be honey booboo
NewMilfDadMakinEndsMeet February 11, 2013 at 11:27 PM
Are we all supposedly sitting here wearing blinders and don't realize the posturing that Mr. DeSantis is doing (for himself, his party) to fix the horrendous fiasco the very NON FISCAL DEMS of New Milford created? This is proof positive that Frank DeBari is alive and kicking and RULING the roost. How many more voters have to make the same mistakes? I am appalled that these politicians (seated and non-seated) assume it's going to be “ok” to fight out their internal party disagreements on our tax payer dollars. Unmistakably, because one didn't listen to the other, nor conform to the DeBari directive, once again New Milford pays. And now what a fine mess they are all in. The smeared egg is evident a mile away.
NewMilfDadMakinEndsMeet February 11, 2013 at 11:27 PM
John’s eloquence may make him a good choice for council versus the four democrats currently sitting, but make no mistake, we see your motive. Unfortunately, either way, at the end of the day, New Milford and its tax payers will be paying heavily for this lawsuit shoved down our throats because of this very fiscally irresponsible act by Frank DeBari and his minions. And we will all have to lose something very important on the already extremely tight budget to do so. What will it be? What will the citizens lose to have this sickening internal, democrat fight end? What services will the people of New Milford have to lose since there is no slush fund to dip into (thanks for that Austin)? Keep your party's infighting OFF of the Council. This town cannot afford the very expensive DeBari method. We couldn't before and we certainly CANNOT NOW!


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