Ridgewood Doctor Had Bomb-Making Manuals

Roberto Rivera kept manuals in containers labeled "Anarchism" and "Revolution," according to the Attorney General.

A doctor accused of stockpiling bomb-making chemicals and assault weapons in his Ridgewood home had how-to manuals in containers marked "Anarchism" and "Revolution", Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa said Wednesday.

Dr. Roberto Rivera, 60, was arrested Nov. 16 at a Union Street apartment after authorities claim to have found 2.5 liters of nitric acid in a basement freezer. Hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, sulfuric acid, calcium hypochlorite, and potassium perchlorate – all of which can be used to create bombs – were also found, authorities charged. Ten pounds of thermite used to detonate explosives, unlicensed high-powered firearms, trigger mechanisms and even disguises were also confiscated from the property, authorities said.

“Police also allegedly found folders in Rivera’s residence which were marked 'Revolution' and 'Anarchism,' documents on how to create homemade explosives, a military improvised munitions manual, and documents on how to convert firearms into fully automatic machine guns,” Chiesa said in a news release Wednesday. “They also allegedly found a canister of mace, a wig, fake sideburns, and other items.”

On Wednesday, the state medical examiners board temporarily suspended Rivera's medical license. The internist, who was fired from St. Vincent's in Manhattan for allegedly stalking a nurse, had been traveling to New York to perform medical examinations, Chiesa said.

The findings in the Union Street house prompted authorities to act to protect patients from “a dangerous practitioner,” Chiesa said.

“A doctor who collects an arsenal of assault weapons without a license, along with instructions on how to turn them into fully automatic weapons, and who collects bomb-making materials along with instructions on how to create explosive devices, cannot be trusted to safely and reliably practice medicine, assess vulnerable patients, and prescribe medications,” added Eric T. Kanefsky, Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. “The Board of Medical Examiners is right to act decisively for the protection of the public.”

Rivera has been charged with knowingly and/or recklessly creating a risk of widespread injury or damage by creating a risk of serious bodily injury to five or more persons; the unlicensed possession of assault firearms which were not registered or rendered inoperable; possession of a destructive device; failure to take reasonable measures to prevent or mitigate widespread injury or damage; possession of a stun gun; and possession of a large capacity ammunition magazine.

He remains in Bergen County Jail in lieu of $1 million bond.

Prosecutors have yet to offer a motive and have not disclosed if there were any targets. Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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Arlene M. Baladi January 10, 2013 at 03:53 PM
Another sicko amongst us.


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