Pair Rob, Pistol-Whip Orange Man

Police say man was walking near intersection of Valley Road and Dean Street Sunday evening when backpack, cellphones taken.

West Orange police are looking for two men who robbed, then pistol-whipped, a 23-year-old Orange man at the intersection of Valley Road and Dean Street Sunday evening.  

Police said the victim was walking near Moshe Auto Body at around 10:20 p.m. when he saw two men wearing black-hooded sweatshirts standing in the parking lot.

As the Orange man approached Dean Street, he told police he felt what he believed to be a handgun placed against the back of his head.

The man said he was then told by the man holding the gun, “Give me everything.” The man with the gun told the other man to take the Orange man’s backpack – containing food and a cell phone – as well as a wallet and a second cell phone from the man’s pocket, according to police reports. 

After retrieving all of the items, the man holding the gun struck the Orange man in the left front temple and both men fled west on Valley Road on foot towards Kingsley Street, police said.

David Peart January 21, 2013 at 04:24 AM
Tom, What you describe is called reasonable suspicion. It's a legal term and grounds for what is called a stop question and frisk. If someone is behaving in a suspicious manner, the police have a right to stop and question that person. Should that persons responses and/or appearance elevate the police officers suspicions, a frisk would then be warranted. You cannot under any constitutionally legitimate stop and frisk policy, simply stop someone and check them for warrants. It would depend on a whole host of factors that include but are not limited to time of day, conditions, hours of operation, and yes, even how they are dressed. Those tools already exist and are already at the legal disposal of the police. The notion that the police need a free hand to search whomever they want, whenever they want, is at best misguided.
Gary Englert January 21, 2013 at 04:23 PM
Alan Sanders: It's a given that in order for police to serve as a deterent to crime they must be in enough proximity to an actor that he/she curtails their criminal impulses as a result. Surely, there are insufficient police in any jurisdiction, anywhere, to provide that kind of absolute security and West Orange is no exception. While I believe the WOPD is already providing additional resources along our eastern border, it will take some time to assess how effective that effort has been as comparative statistics will need to be compiled and compared. The Township is also moving forward with the installation of a camera system along the Main Street corrido, which will certainly enhance police capabilities and to supress criminal activity as its presence becomes known.
john anthony prignano January 21, 2013 at 08:51 PM
Essex County's Patrol Division: Patrol Division officers are charged with the critical responsibility of patrolling and enforcing the laws of Essex County.The Patrol Division's responsibilities encompass a wide range of incidents and calls to service including assisting all municipalities in Essex County when called upon .When not answering calls,the Patrol Division pro active policing in order to maintain safety in Essex County. Our volunteer,fully trained, non- paid deputy division augments the efforts of our patrol division in the field. The armed bank robbery occurred on a county road. He escaped on foot.The West Orange Police, the Verona Police, the Patrol Division and the volunteer members of the Patrol Division could not prevent his escape or find him .The armed robbery of a gas station occurred on a county road, and the robber escaped on foot down another county road .The West Orange Police, the Orange Police, the County Patrol Division ,and the volunteer patrol Division couldn't prevent his escape. Main Street is a county road.Does the county maintain real presence, or it is more in the nature a token effort. According to a police union leader, Newark has a tough time putting 3 cars on the street in each ward on any given shift. My brother -in -law was a Newark Police Officer . I once said to him ,"1350 cops seems like a decent number." He said, "That's only on paper.Terminal leave, injured on duty, testifying in court, desk duty, personal days, sick days,.
john anthony prignano January 21, 2013 at 09:00 PM
suspensions, waivers, and on and on ." Newark is down to 1,000 officers .They are still granting waivers.The result? Difficulty in putting 3 cars on the street in each ward per shift .Two questions: Why can't the Fire Department{s} be a meaningful street presence, and has the West Orange Girl's Varsity Soccer Coach been granted a waiver,so that he doesn't have to work as a police officer if the police duty hours conflict with his coaching responsibilities?
john anthony prignano January 21, 2013 at 09:08 PM
An article on Patch said several police officers must man school crossings because of a shortage of crossing guards.The article stated that once the officers are at the crossing locations they can't leave, which can delay response time.


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