New Milford Man Given Probation For Pill Ring Involvement

Two defendants who allegedly illegally purchased oxycodone from an Emerson doctor were placed on two years of probation Monday.

The first two defendants who allegedly bought pills from an Emerson doctor were both placed on two years of probation Monday, according to a report on NorthJersey.com.

New Milford Resident James Powers and Emerson resident Veronica Navarro-Buitrago were both charged with buying oxycodone from Emerson doctor Carnig Shakarian, who pleaded guilty last week to committing conspiracy to distribute the drug, according to the report.

Powers and Navarro-Buitrago were both first-time offenders, according to the report.

Officials charged 13 people for their involvement in the alleged distirbution ring in December of 2011. Police said they believed Shakarian may have written prescriptions for more than 50 people who were not his patients.

Other defendants from the alleged ring include New Milford resident Mario Jimenez and Daniel Kessel of Hillsdale. The rest of the defendants are due for a Superior Court hearing February 11, according to the report.


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