New Milford Ex-Convict ID'd as Man Found in Passaic River

Josh Allison-Dzadik, 33, was found along the river in Fair Lawn over the weekend.

A New Milford ex-convict who was once involved in a standoff with authorities and also led police on a manhunt two years later has been identified as the man found dead in the Passaic River over the weekend, Fair Lawn Police said.

The body of Josh Allison-Dzadik, 33, was found Saturday afternoon along the river in Fair Lawn. There were no signs of trauma and police do not suspect foul play.

Allison-Dzadik got into a standoff with police in 2006 and led them on a manhunt in 2008, according to NJ.com. He was sent to jail on aggravated assault on a police officer and eluding police charges, the article said.

jon tobin March 13, 2014 at 12:24 PM
Every single person I've talked to, doesn't matter if they knew him or not, sent did some didn't , all agree it should of been different... Everyone has had some sort of trouble in their lives and you would think that in ur deathbed that would be the last thing people talk about. But apparently some people have no consideration. And the fact that theirs been no apology and everyone from the patch is sticking by all of the complaints and not even an apology speaks volumes..
Dawn March 13, 2014 at 02:21 PM
We lost my brother and the loss was unbearable for our family. If we would have had to see this kind of heading on a article about him it would have been even more painful for our family! And my brother had also gotten into some trouble, but he also went on to be a firefighter, a paramedic, an EMT and then a nurse in a emergency room. Was that heading to the article necessary? I guess anything to get a story? Can Mike explain why ex-con was necessary in the heading? Maybe you should talk to a family member and see if there is something positive you can write?
Sandra Storm April 09, 2014 at 12:34 AM
Josh was much more than an ex-con. He was a loving, caring sweet person. Yes he had a past but that should notbe what he is remembered by. My condolences to Joshs family. Especially his poor mother who I hope did not come accross this article.


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