Housing Plan in Dumont

"...Less than two weeks after gates shut at the farm, attorney Antimo DelVecchio, representing a would-be developer, spoke to the council about his client's plans - still very much preliminary.

At that work session, on Nov. 12, the council and DelVecchio discussed four options for development of the farm: two office buildings, a warehouse, a supermarket or a rental housing complex.

DelVecchio said his client favored the residential use, though council members expressed concerns about the potential development taxing local roadways and schools..."

There seems to be no end in sight for developers in Bergen County - now Dumont is the target of a possible builder's remedy suit in the name of affordable housing. Sounds familiar? Or could this be a possible plan "b" for the developer we are so vehemently fighting in New Milford? Only time will tell but Dumont residences against additional traffic and higher taxes, due to future strains on town services, should unite to stop this urban sprawl.

See more:http://www.northjersey.com/community/events/236610701_Housing_plan_in_Dumont_calls_for_rezoning_of_former_D_Angelo_Farms_property.html?page=all
Lori Barton December 27, 2013 at 03:13 PM
A word of caution to my neighbors in Dumont regarding the disposition of the D'Angelo's Farm property: BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID! The attorney mentioned as representing the would-be developer is the same one representing the S. Hekemian group in their bid to transform New Milford from a small suburban enclave into an urban nightmare. Become involved or your community will experience the same consequences. This developer does not care one iota about your town or its residents. The only thing that matters is developing the said property in the most aggressive manner possible so they can maximize their profits. And when it is all done, if the resulting conditions are far from ideal, it will be Dumont that is left to deal with it. The developer will be long gone and Dumont will be left with the resulting increases in traffic, the increases in school taxes resulting from additional enrollment, and all of the other public safety and infrastructure issues that will occur. Just ask your neighbors in New Milford. We have been fighting these people for almost two years. This developer does not care about what we want or how it will affect our town. All they want to do is to shove this down our throats. Organize and get involved now. The fate of your community is at stake.
Michael J. Gadaleta December 28, 2013 at 11:34 AM
Circle the wagons Dumont residents , the enemy is among you . Can anyone say SOD , DUMONT CHAPTER ! It is such a sin that every patch of open, green space in our communities is threatened with OVER DEVELOPMENT .


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