United Water Property Fate Divides Town, School Safety Post Newtown, This Week in Local News

Catch up on all the news in New Milford in our week in review.

Fate of United Water Property Divides Town

Subrizi talks about grant money and rezoning; Casey reserves comments regarding her reported statements regarding grant money for United Water property.

Since the tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut, the question on the minds of every parent is, "How safe are our schools?"

Mayor and Council Reach Agreement With DPW on Comp Time

Mayor and Council meet DPW halfway on comp time for working while Borough Hall was closed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Four Bergen men worked to find a buyer for pricey weapons believed to be owned by Iraqi dictator's family, prosecutors charge.

Robert Schroeder allegedly stole $1.8 million from investors and wrote $3.4 million in bad checks for loan payments.

DARE America Seeks to Revoke New Jersey Charter

New Jersey DARE's introduction of a new program not sanctioned by DARE America results in a court battle.

Autism is Not...

Autism did not massacre 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut.


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