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There will a public meeting of the Mayor and Council Monday. Due to the amount of items on the agenda, the work session portion of the meeting will begin at 6:30 pm in the upstairs conference room of Borough Hall. The public portion of the meeting will begin at 7:45 pm in the Council Chambers of Borough Hall. Click here to see a copy of the agenda.

The Board of Education will also be meeting Monday at 7 pm. Their year-end regular meeting will be held in the media center at DEO Middle School where the chorus will perform.

There will be a combined work session and public meeting of the Planning Board on Tuesday at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers of Borough Hall.

The Recreation Commission will be meeting Wednesday at 7:30 pm upstairs in the Recreation building.

The Public Events Committee will be meeting Wednesday evening in the upstairs conference room of Borough Hall at 7 pm.

The Senior Citizen Advisory Board will be meeting Thursday at 1:30 pm at the Senior Center.


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Ulises December 17, 2012 at 03:20 PM
Where are the Field of Dreams leaders from April 2011 that's on this the attached video? The compromise at the middle school is not what your initial intentions were. We could still make this a reality if we stick together but I only hear people on SOD fighting for what you want, which is a field by our high school. Please join SOD and together we could make a difference for the town's and our kid's sake. Contact us at SODNOW@yahoo.com. http://newmilford-nj.patch.com/articles/video-monday-night-rally-at-nmhs-and-developer-presentation#video-5616943
Ulises December 17, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Where are the Field of Dreams’ leaders from April 2011 that are on the attached video below? The compromise at the middle school is not what your initial intentions were (watch the video). And the development of the United Water property is not a done deal as some members on the M&C preach and are in favor of. We could still make what you started a reality if we stick together but I only hear people on SOD fighting for what you initially wanted, which is a field by our high school. Please join SOD and together we could make a difference for the town and for our kid's sake. Come to tonight’s M&C meeting and let those on the council know changing the zoning to commercial is not going to help us keep this land as open space. SOD has met with Environmental groups that are working to secure the funds if the current sale falls apart. In addition, the town’s grant writer knows how to secure the grants we’ll need to make this a reality if we get another chance to purchase this land. Just an FYI, any grants or funds coming from an environmental group or our grant writer will not allow artificial turf on the fields. It's a condition to the grants but hopefully that won’t deter you from joining this fight to keep this dream alive. Contact us at SODNOW@yahoo.com. Video from April 2011: http://newmilford-nj.patch.com/articles/video-monday-night-rally-at-nmhs-and-developer-presentation#video-5616943
Lolita December 17, 2012 at 10:43 PM
I just don't understand you. You challenge the FOD backers, then you tell them they are not allowed to have artificial turf and then you ask them to join your group on your conditions only! Not everyone in town was against the Field of Dreams, but I guarantee you that seeing what you have done to others here, will deter many if not all FOD believers.
Ulises December 17, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Lolita, I don't dedicate what the requirements are for grants. I'm just passing along what was told to me about grants and artificial turf. I have not set any conditions as you implied and I speak the truth, and it hurts most of the time. You can portray me any way you wish. I just want us all, that want a FoD dream, to work together and make this happen by the high school if we get another chance. We don't need a ShopRite by the HS, we need a HS field there.
Rosemary Fuhrman December 18, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Thank you, Ulises for extending an open hand to the team of people who worked for the FoD. By reminding them of their first plan, perhaps they will join SOD in the ongoing struggle to keep the UW property north of the high school as an open space refuge for various recreational and educational purposes for all New Milford residents. I don’t understand why “Lolita” is always the lone voice, out to demonize SOD at every turn. Her choice of words “seeing what you have done to others here” attempts to paint SOD as a gang of thugs, crushing opposition. On the contrary, SOD is a focused, organized group or residents who represent all the residents of New Milford who are concerned about the long-range impact of continual over-development. Our posts and responses are always well-reasoned and based in factual research. (see next post for continuation)
Rosemary Fuhrman December 18, 2012 at 01:54 PM
At one of the very first meetings SOD articulated a clear mission statement and stays focused around that raison d’être. Please visit our website at http://sodnow.org/ to learn about our mission. Early on, we adopted a systemized approach to inform our residents about the myriad issues surrounding the proposed development. We researched studies of traffic patterns, environmental impact studies, potential negative consequences of over-crowded classroom, and psychological impacts on children who homes flood when we have major rain/wind events. SOD members go to numerous meetings armed with facts and a conviction in what is good and not good for our town. SOD should be praised for their model of good civics and grass roots involvement. So, “Lolita”, please join us. We are always looking for more members who can help do the research, read the testimony presented by experts at the ZBOA, analyze that testimony to determine if the proposals therein are good or bad for New Milford, and stand up and question the expert witnesses. This is how we show pride in our town. We want to ensure that the New Milford we made our home remains a place where the people feel safe, respected, and involved.
Mary McElroy December 18, 2012 at 05:08 PM
It appears to me that there may be a failure to communicate. Months ago, I questioned you on your continuted insistence for a SOD field on the UW property when that does not meet any of the requirements of our town either from the HS or recreational level. I brought up the fact that environmental grants wouldn't work. Now as an FYI, you finally spell it out-no turf if we accept environmental grants. You've know that for quite some time, but deliberately failed to acknowledge that info. & it's only in wake of Ms. Casey's upcoming appearance at the M&C meeting that you are coming clean. I'm not speaking for the FOD group now, I'm speaking for myself having been part of studying the town's recreational/sports needs on every level for almost 2 years-a grass field on that property would be a complete waste of money-we already have at least 4 fields that I can think of that either flood, don't drain well or hold up to only 1 sport. Now, YOU propose we spend $8million plus & add another. Quite frankly, I think that idea is nuts. Further, I didn't elect you to higher office but I am looking for my elected officials who have the alternate plan(s) to spell out what's happening there if we purchase that land & realistically, how much will it cost us. So let's start that conversation but let's keep it real. It's so interesting though that in wake of Ms. Casey's appearance before the M&C we have all this pre-info.-the road show with Ms. Casey & Mr. Berner and now your FYI.
Denise December 18, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Go Ulises! You know even though I don't live in town anymore, I still care about NM because I grew up there. I agree with all you have said from the beginning and was so happy when I met you at one of the meetings. Lolita-just go away......
Lolita December 18, 2012 at 07:59 PM
I would like to ask 2 simple questions and hopefully receive a straight answer without rhetoric and conjecture. Especially without conjecture. What happens if all buyers of the property decide it's not worth the effort? NO CONJECTURE PLEASE. Just FACTS. Do we in New Milford get stuck holding the bag? And if we now have to own it, would it not be a perfect place for some lurer to hide in the woods waiting for some innocent child ? I can not picture a police officer covering the entire area there 24/7/365. As a parent and seeing what does happen nowadays, I for one do not want some unguarded parcel of deep wooded hiding places anywhere near where my child could walk and be attacked. And I don't think too many taxpayers would welcome paying for the property because grants actually did not come through and then the entire area because of possible rapes, muggings etc - would have to be roped off.
Ulises December 18, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Mary, I found out at last week's SOD meeting, from Ms. Casey that grants will not be allowed for artificial turf. In the past I stated why I prefer sod over artificial turf (coaches in town made be change by mind on this, plus the additional flooding this may cause too…) but I didn't know about the tidbit of information about grants until last week. I’m not asking anyone to spend $8M because it would never come to that high amount. In fact, according to Ms. Casey, last year we could have issued bonds for $7.2M (in reality the amount would be a % of that total amount, like a down payment) and the grants being so available in 2011, we would have paid for the issued bonds we floated in one year and the 1.5% interest would have totaled $5K in cost, according to what Ms. Casey told us. Now, $5K versus $8M is worlds apart. I’m disappointed that we’re not on the same page when I believe we want the same thing, I think? Going by what you stood for in April 2011 I believe you’d like to see a field by the HS, no? I still do. Do you prefer a ShopRite by the HS, now? I still don’t. All I’m asking for is your help to make this a reality in pressuring our elected officials to do what many other groups in town have asked them to do, which is to not allow a ShopRite to be built by the HS. Sometimes my passion gets the best of me and I’m truly sorry if I’ve made you upset. I hope one day you’ll realize that I mean what I say and all I’m asking for is your help.
Ulises December 18, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Lolita, most people in town are worried that a strip mall with apartments will bring lurers or perverts close to our high school kids. These horrible individuals blend in crowds a lot easier than an open field by our high school. The police department has issued a report or told the patch this proposal would strain services, which means our taxes will go up to cover overtime or new hirers. Click on the link below to read what the Cheif told the patch. http://newmilford-nj.patch.com/articles/effect-of-proposed-development-on-emergency-services
Rosemary Fuhrman December 18, 2012 at 09:11 PM
The definition of conjecture is a conclusion deduced by surmise or guesswork. SOD does not use guesswork when they speak of the probable negative outcomes of the over-development of this parcel of land. We use the facts we've researched about traffic volume, flooding and school overcrowding. Solutions we suggest are based upon meetings with government officials, environmentalists, and a highly regarded grants writer. If the buyers back out of the deal, perhaps then the town officials will work with the grants writer to pull together the available funding to purchase the property. Then, the original vision of the Board of Education with an environmental center for use by all the area school children, a field, and passive park area for relaxation by the residents can come to pass. The appalling picture you paint of children in harm’s way is a hysterical response to a reasoned argument. I am sure you caution your children about personal safety as I do mine.
Lolita December 18, 2012 at 11:05 PM
The only thing I READ is the chief saying "that area has always been considered the quieter area". THEN it moves on to what someone else said. I suggest you don't put words in the chief's mouth.
Lolita December 18, 2012 at 11:06 PM
I thought you recused yourself way back when........
miriam pickett December 18, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Lolita, thanks for the comic relief. This property has remained lurer-free for as long as I've lived here. Your a hoot and a half.
TommyIce December 19, 2012 at 04:32 AM
Gee Lolita interesting timing on bringing these "child" dangers to light at this moment in time. Is it because everyone is focused on the safety of children in the wake of what has recently happened? You think you'll be able to pluck at heartstrings right now. Now the luring incidents didn't happen near woodlands--they happened on public streets and at the DUNKIN DONUTS parking lot. Hey here's an idea, don't create parking lots where children can be lured.
Lolita December 19, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Children have been killed wholesale, official reports of lurings within the town of New Milford have been published right here on The Patch, now The patch reports that River Edge has an issue with possible degenerates and you mock me for being afraid. If a parent can read this tread and mock me also, maybe it is good I leave you to your madness.
miriam pickett December 19, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Lolita, I don't mock you. It was the word "lurer" that made me smile. You are right. There are monsters among us and we must remain vigilant. However, to somehow connect the UW property to the incidents reported this fall was quite a stretch.


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