Plans Filed for United Water Company Property

Proposed athletic field conspicuously absent from plans

Plans for the 13.6-acre United Water property call for a mixed use development that includes a supermarket, bank and 221-unit multi-family housing complex. 

New Milford Redevelopment Associates LLC, recently filed an application for preliminary and final site plan with the for the property located at Madison Avenue, Main Street, River Road and John D. Cecchino Drive.

The proposal includes:

  • 70,500 sq. ft. supermarket 
  • 4300 sq. ft. bank with two drive-thru lanes 
  • Four-story 221 unit multi-family housing complex, that will include an affordable housing component, a 428-space multi-level parking garage and a pool.

Because the land is currently zoned for residential use, the applicant is requesting that the zoning be changed to a "mixed use" retail and residential development. Additionally, variances for building height, building coverage, impervious coverage, number of parking spaces, and number of families per building are needed. 

A review of the plans show that the residential housing units, parking garage and pool will be built on John D. Cecchino Drive; the supermarket and bank will be built on River Road. 

The four-story residential housing unit will contain:

  • 88 one-bedroom apartments
  • 117 two-bedroom apartments
  • 16 three-bedroom apartments

In addition to the 428 space multi-level parking garage for the residential housing unit, the supermarket includes 354 spaces while the bank includes 44 spaces for a total of 826 proposed spaces. (The town requires a total of 925 spaces for a development of this size.)

Included in the plans are the building of access driveways. Two access driveways are proposed to be built on River Road, with one aligned with Demarest Avenue; one full-movement driveway on Main Street; and another driveway on Madison Avenue. 

Absent from the plans is the 145-space parking lot for use by the borough and school district, as well as a graded field that could be developed into a soccer field that was part of the  last April.

Last May, the New Milford Planning Board voted unanimously to approve the application by United Water to create a minor  that includes a 3.7 acre lot not included in the sale to developer S. Hekemian Group.

Documents filed with the list Peter Hekemian, Principal and V.P. of Development for the S. Hekemian Group, as the managing director of the New Milford Development Associates, LLC.  

Denise January 13, 2012 at 05:18 PM
ACCCCKK! This just happend one hour ago!!?? Today is Friday the 13th, this will surely have me become superstitous. Is this housing complex to be compared to the one that is in Mahwah, and with a pool no less.? This is nothing like the plans we were told about last April since the soccer field has been ommited. I can visualize the accidents happening already with all these new roads being constructed. Me thinks this developer, Peter Hekimian, has only himself and not the borough or residents of New Milford in mind.
John January 13, 2012 at 05:56 PM
How did it ever got this far...tax revenue may go up, but so will the tax BURDEN, extra emergency services not to mention crime, vandalism....when will enough be enough?!?!? we'll regret this, mark my words.
Anthony January 13, 2012 at 06:08 PM
It is zoned for single family homes and that is what should be built, nothing more, nothing less.
Lynn January 14, 2012 at 04:34 PM
OK, so let me get this straight. Nothing was done when developers wanted to give New Milford a field and proper drainage. Now United Water wants to act as developer without pacifying New Milford with a nice field "open space" for our enjoyment. Let's get off the teeter totter and make good decisions.
Birchwood Bird January 14, 2012 at 11:04 PM
This is the same developer that filed a builder's remedy lawsuit against Cranford. They are looking to put 360 apts with a parking garage in an office zoned, flood hazard area. So far the court is agreeing with them. Just google "cranford builders remedy" and see how little the developers care for the residents of Cranford! Beware!


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