NJ to Verizon: We Want Our FiOS

At a franchise renewal hearing, some attendees urge BPU to order Verizon to extend fiber-optic service to all communities.

Written by Tom Johnson/NJ Spotlight

Everyone seems to love Verizon New Jersey’s cable TV service—except for the folks who can't sign up for it because it stops at a neighboring town or at Main Street, but isn't available any elsewhere in the community.

For that matter, it does not seem to be available any longer in some storm-ravaged communities along the Jersey coast’s barrier islands.

In the second and final public hearing on the company’s bid to renew its statewide cable television franchise in Trenton yesterday, plenty of praise was heaped on Verizon for its programming and the benefits deriving from its system-wide cable franchise.

Backers said it provides a long-sought choice to consumers, delivers a wide variety of programming, and lowers or stabilizes rates for customers. Local officials extolled the more than doubling of franchise fees that have streamed $64 million to cash-strapped municipalities between 2006 and 2012.

But not to everyone, and there’s the rub.

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