Town Turns Out For Memorial Day Parade

Local organizations laid wreaths to honor New Milford veterans during one of the best attended Memorial Day celebrations.

Despite the heat, hundreds of residents lined River Road waving American flags to celebrate America's veterans, and those currently serving in the armed forces, during the borough's annual Memorial Day parade. Mike Perrone, third generation owner of Perrone's Farm who served as a Lance Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps, served as the Grand Marshal. 

H. Cohn May 30, 2012 at 11:26 AM
It would have been good to have more photos of places around New Milford dedicated or used by veterans; the veterans building on Madison (Marine Corps), the Jewish War Veterans Monument on River Road and Myrtle Avenues. There was no ceremony this year at the Jewish War Veterans Memorial because of the holy day of Shavuot.
Richard Logan May 30, 2012 at 03:18 PM
It was great to see how well and impressive my home town of New Milford honored Memorial Day. The organizers should have included those places mentioned by H. Cohn. I do have one disturbing observation I would like to bring up. If the police dept. and the fire dept. come out in their dress uniforms, all prim and proper, befitting the occasion. Why can't the elected officials who represent the town do so? To see the mayor and council, and board of education dressed in there back yard, casual, off work attire was disturbing. Are they not aware of the image they represent? Was there attire a sign of disrespect? No. Was it a sign of professionalism? No. It wouldn't have hurt them to dress accordingly. My father was involved in all aspects of the town of New Milford's growing years. Involved in the early years of the Little League, Babe Ruth, Jr. football league. Member of the Board of Education, councilman and Mayor of NM. He was Mayor for 14years. I do believe the longest incumbent Mayor in the history of NM. My point being this...anytime he or his council made a public appearance they did so in a professional manner, dressed according to the position they held. Suits, sport jackets and ties were their uniforms. Even if they didn't dress that way for their daily work, they did so when representing their town. The way one dresses is reflective of how seriously they take their elected positions. It is an image that must be conveyed. .


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