NMJFL Cheerleaders End 2013 Season with State Championship

Check out just how well the girls actually did in each of the competitions they participated in.

Credit: Submitted by Siva Correa
Credit: Submitted by Siva Correa

The New Milford Junior Football Knights Cheerleaders completed their 2013 season and at the end they were able to call themselves State Champions.

The Juniors football team won the Super Bowl of the Meadowlands Football League and the girls followed their lead.

The cheerleaders started their season with cheer camp on Aug. 19 during which the girls practiced from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. After the cheer camp, each level practiced twice a week until the end of November. There are four levels of cheerleading squads in the NMJFL:

  • Mites Squad: first and second graders.
  • Pee-Wee Squad: third and fourth graders.
  • Junior Squad: fifth and sixth graders.
  • Senior Squad: seventh and eighth graders.

“This year, I had a cheer choreographer company come teach the girls at cheer camp their new Hello Cheer and their halftime dance routine which was also their competition routine,” said NMJFL Cheer Coordinator Siva Correa.

Of the 114 girls that signed up to cheer in the 2013 season, 104 of them went to cheer at both competitions the Knights took part in. The others didn’t compete because of prior competitions. 

“The halftime competition routines they taught all squad levels was very challenging for the girls but I knew that's what we needed to do to compete at a higher level. In the end all their hard work and dedication paid off,” said Correa.

Here are the results from the two competitions the NMJFL Knights Cheerleaders took part in:

Paramus Catholic High School Showcase/Competition: 

  • Mite Squad: 2nd Place
  • Pee Wee Squad: 1st Place
    Junior Squad: 4th Place
  • Senior Squad: 2nd Place

The FDU-UCC Fall Invitational Competition: 

  • Mite Squad: 2nd Place
  • Pee Wee Squad: 1st Place and overall champions in their category and division.
  • Junior Squad: 2nd Place
  • Senior Squad: 1st Place and overall champions in their category and division.

Correa describes the moment as they were waiting, as one large group, to hear the results of who would be named State Champions.

“It was announced that New Milford Junior Football League Cheerleaders won the State Championship. The cheers from the parents in the stands, the cheerleaders, squad leaders, cheer committee and coachers amazed me. I will never forget the cheers, tears and laughter that day.”

Congratulations to the NMJFL Cheerleaders for an outstanding 2013 season. 


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