New Milford Synagogue to Close, Korean Church to Buy Building

Steady decline in membership causes New Milford's synagogue to merge with a Paramus synagogue; Korean Church to purchase River Road property.

New Milford may soon be home not to one, but to two Korean churches once the sale of the building that houses Congregation Beth Tikvah on River Road is finalized.

A source close to the sale said that due to a steady decline in membership, the board made the decision to merge with a synagogue in Paramus and sell the River Road property. According to this source, shortly after the building went on the market, a Korean church showed immediate interest. The sale is scheduled to be completed within one month.

"New Milford's synagogue was once a vibrant congregation with a Hebrew school," the source said. "But now, younger families want more than we can offer within our space."

The synagogue has no on-site parking which was not an issue when built in 1955, since most people walked to services. However, according to the source, not only did parking become a problem through the years -- as the congregation aged driving became a necessity -- but the younger generation was looking for a synagogue with larger, more modern facilities such as a gym and recreation programs, and left.

The Public Events Committee has requested that the monument for the Jewish War Veterans Memorial be moved from its current site near the synagogue to Borough Hall. During Monday's Mayor and Council meeting, Mayor Ann Subrizi said that they will coordinate with the DPW to have it relocated. "Hopefully in time for Memorial Day," she said.

In October, the Zoning Board approved the change of use variance for the Gospel Fellowship Church, to be located in the Riverview Racquetball Club on Henley Avenue.

Stay tuned for continued updates as this story unfolds.


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miriam pickett March 04, 2013 at 04:58 PM
Howard Cohn, I was not insulted. Understood what you meant. All of Bergen County is in transition. This is one more example. I grew up in Passaic and witnessed entire neighborhoods change more than once. Hope the new home to the New Milford congregants can withstand all the pressures. The future is very difficult for the Conservative stream.
Tia Gold March 04, 2013 at 05:58 PM
Who or what is this mysterious source that does not identify himself? Why is he hiding? What is he hiding? My high school teacher taught that people who hide and do not tell you their real name have may have something really bad to hide. The Baptist Church has been in NM since 1959 without any parking places. The Jewish Center has been in NM since 1955 also without any parking places. Their worshipers park their cars on the street. It is called street parking. The Houses of Worship in NM all have special days of worship; parties, get togethers, and their worshipers park their cars on the street. The mysterious source implies that two churches, background horror music please, Korean Churches will be bad, dangerous or the bogeyman horror for the town of NM. Halloween is over, there is no bogeyman, and two Korean churches are not a horror descending upon NM. They are just people, Presbyterian people seeking religious freedom to worship god in NM in 2013. The same as the Pilgrim people who arrived in 1620 in the new world seeking religious freedom. This source is promoted itself as a pro-American, preaching the values of parking spaces, while slipping anti-Korean, anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric into the public message. This source person appears to be from the 1930s Bund group, the American equivalent of the Nazi party, and its sordid history is intricately tied to northern New Jersey.
H. Cohn March 07, 2013 at 01:34 PM
Mr. Cohn posted a post that insulted , "Jews like her," because it is "Jews like her"(you can insert any religion), who think nothing of letting others pay for the upkeep of a sanctuary while they do little or nothing, except use the services paid for by others. If she or others are "insulted" by it being pointed out that they are like parasites, remember the quote, "If the shoe fits, wear it."
H. Cohn March 07, 2013 at 01:41 PM
Dear Bubble, try comprehending what you read before you reply to it, or about it. Rest assured that Mr. Cohn is an individual. There was no "Jew insult." The insult was to the Jew who wants a synagogue to be there when needed but is not willing to financially support the synagogue so that it can be there.


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