New Milford Remembers Bill Entwistle 31 Years After Tragic Death

Friday marked more than three decades since a 22-year-old New Milford firefighter died in borough hall blaze.

Friday marked the 31st anniversary of the January 1983 fire at Borough Hall that took the life of 22-year old William Entwistle.

Firefighter Bill Drew remembers seeing Entwistle climbing the stairs to the attic of Borough Hall as he was climbing down because his air pack was nearing empty.

The fire, caused by a short circuit in the attic storage of Borough Hall, took the efforts of three fire departments to extinguish--New Milford, River Edge and Oradell.

"When Bill ran into that fire he answered his final alarm," Drew said.

Brett’s Fire Photos posted the photos above on Facebook on Friday. 

Donna Hittel January 18, 2014 at 01:07 PM
That day is etched on my heart. A horrible, tragic day. So many people thought what they saw was snow blowing off Borough Hall's roof, when it was actually smoke. Billy missed an entire lifetime; he was alive for 22 years, but he has already been gone for 31.


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